I'm an Assistant Professor at Temple University (tenure-track) in the Department of Media Studies and Production (within the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication). I'm also a Contributor at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Adviser at H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Researcher at the Centre international des études simondoniennes, and Editorial Leader at the Society for the Philosophy of Information.

My work currently focuses on data-driven ontology and cyberinfrastructures that support collaboration in data science. I conduct ethnographic interviews with data scientists and comparative analyses of digital tools and methods for data sharing. Broadly, these projects fall under the heading of critical data studies. I also study the social impact of emerging forms of embodied computing—things like wearables, embeddables, ingestibles, and implantables.

I maintain an active research agenda and have work published in or forthcoming from Global Media and CommunicationInternational Review of Information Ethics, Big Data & Society, Philosophy & Technology, The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Internet, communication +1, MediaTropes, Communication Booknotes QuarterlyCanadian Journal of Communication, Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical ReviewPlatform, Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy, Deleuze Studies, and Systema. I've also provided media outlets with commentary and am available for interviews and consultations.

Recent Publications

Iliadis A and Lauriault T (under contract) Critical Data Studies. London: Sage.

Pedersen I and Iliadis A (under contract) Embodied Computing. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Iliadis A (forthcoming) Algorithms, ontology, and social progress. Global Media and Communication.

Iliadis A and Russo F (2016) Critical data studies: An introduction. Big Data & Society 3(2): 1-7.

Iliadis A (2015) The right to nonparticipation for global digital citizenship. International Review of Information Ethics 23: 20-34.

Upcoming Presentations

Iliadis A (2018) Siri’s social ontology: The politics of Apple’s semantic system. 68th Annual International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

Iliadis A (2018) We have no concepts: Ontological realism in the Open Biological Ontology Foundry. 68th Annual International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

Iliadis A (2018) Datasmiths and data forging: Ontology, datafied living, and cyberinfrastructures. 68th Annual International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

Iliadis A (2018) Data ontology: Semantic bias in knowledge representation languages. Data Justice 2018, Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.